What You Should Know About Metal Polishing And Cutting Discs

Metal cutting discs are a sharp, circular piece that rotates on fast speed to cut through metal. These discs are commonly made of abrasive materials that are spaced apart from each other so that particles of metal can be efficiently removed from a surface.

There are several types of metal discs made depending on the purpose needed for.

Let’s look at the most popular kinds below:

  • Diamond grinding disc are made from the highest quality materials and have the ability to make precise cuts and polishes. They smooth the metal as they polish so that the result is a well finished product.

  • Grinding wheel discs have rough edges which speeds up the cutting process. They also tend to move quickly which in turn makes the cut more efficient overall.

  • The cut-off wheel tends to be slimmer and lighter than its counterparts. However, its dimensions do not sacrifice on durability as the cut-off wheel can cut through metal swiftly and with an excellent result.

  • While ceramic sanding discs are usually not as popular as the above three, they are versatile discs that are made with reliability in mind. Ceramic sanding discs are highly durable and don’t have any issues with overheating.

Safety comes first when using a metal cutting disc. To prevent any accidents, find some tips below to ensure your safety.

  • Models that have high amounts of torque or amps will perform the best throughout its work life.

  • Cutting discs can be damaged if used with too much pressure.

  • For best results, a cutting disc should be used at a 900-degree angle.

  • Always store the device in a safe, damp free area to prevent it from rusting.

  • Avoid contact of the metal being cut with the metal part of the cutting disc to prevent clashes.