Setting up a conference room? Important audiovisual equipment you must install

Thanks to technology, there have been drastic changes in the work environment in recent times. Smart companies are leveraging the latest tools and equipment to get their work done faster and more effectively. One major component of most modern establishments is the conference room. More than just a place to meet and deliberate on pressing issues or make an all-important business decision, the conference room is a hub of information and ideas. 

The right AV equipment in your conference room ensures seamless and effective communication between everyone present. It also maximizes efficiency and can improve collaborative efforts between employees. If you are thinking of setting up a conference room for your organization, here are some top Audio-visual technological installations that you should consider installing.  

AV displays 

This is perhaps the most notable component of every conference room. It serves as a screen for displaying presentations, share screens from laptops and tablets, and may even make it possible to view and communicate with colleagues from different locations. Small conference rooms can make use of single AV displays while larger ones might require dual or even tri displays especially when loads of video calls take place

Audio and video conferencing tools 

Video and audio calls have become an important center point of conference room deliberations allowing you to collaborate with employees or communicate with partners or clients from various places across the world. If you intend to make use of audio and video conferencing then you should consider installing audio and video call equipment in your conference room. 

Microphones & Speakers

Mics and speakers are important audiovisual components that you should consider installing your conference room. These components can have a tremendous effect on the overall experience in your meeting room hence the need to ensure the quality of equipment and correct installation. Microphones and speakers can be installed on the ceiling, in walls, or mounted on tables in the conference room. 


If you are considering adding video call capability to your conference room then having a camera installed becomes a necessity. The choice of Camera and installation options will depend largely on the size of the room among other factors. 

Control Panel

This is the control center for every of your conference room installation. Hence, it must be top quality and user-friendly to ensure ease of fuse. The control panel should make it easy to launch presentations, connect to audio and video calls and essentially manage all the audiovisual systems in the room. 


This links all your audiovisual equipment. These days, wireless connectivity has become a top choice for conference room set up. But that’s not to say the traditional wired connection isn’t in use as well. You can also go for a combination of both options depending on your preferences and other dynamics. 

Interactive Whiteboard

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, the traditional interactive whiteboard can’t simply be knocked out of conference room configuration yet. In fact, it still remains a powerful visual tool making it easy for brainstorming sessions and for interactive presentations. As a final piece of visual aid, you can add a whiteboard to your conference room. 


At the end of the day, the pieces of audiovisual equipment to be included in your conference room depends on various factors including the size of the room, the scope of your work among other things. You should put all of these into consideration when you make your decisions.